Are there any additional costs besides the cost of the folio or plagues based on the
number of golfers?

In general there are no additional costs for our services. We charge a flat amount per golfer.

How far do you travel to photograph a tournament?
We cover the entire state of Florida. We will travel beyond this area but the price per golfer may increase depending on location.

Is there are minimum number of golfers necessary to use your services?
Yes the minimum is 50 golfers. If you have less than 50 we may be able to accommodate you depending on location by finding a local photographer to handle your event.

Are the folios ready to distribute to the golfers that same day?
Yes we will have them available to hand out by the time the golfers are done playing.

Do you have any references?
Yes we can supply you with a long list of tournament coordinators who will endorse us.